Celestial Heavens

The Celestial Heavens is a plane of idealized valleys and mountain ranges, as well as perfect, verdant forests and beautiful shores. There are sweeping, graceful spires amidst beautifully-crafted cities of gleaming white and a sense of peace permeates the very air.

Angels fly through the air and populate the cities here, as well as other celestial beings. Empyreans have castles and palaces across the lands, and the souls of former heroes and saints dwell here as well. Pegasi fly in the air as well, and coatls make their homes on the summits of the mountains.

Legends say too that the Celestial Heavens are the homes of the gods, with Moradin, Correlon, The Divine, and the Seven Holy Saints all supposedly dwell here somewhere on the plane.


Celestial Heavens

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