Knights of the Silver Chalice

The Knights of the Silver Chalice were an order of knights devoted to The Divine and the Seven Holy Saints. The timing of the order's founding is unknown, but their main goal was in safeguarding the realm against fiendish incursions, rooting out the works of demons and devils in the world. They all but vanished some time in history, though it has more recently been discovered that at least one was still active in the world, Wayne Graycloak, who has inducted the aasimar known as Eral into the order as well, who is the order's only known, active member.

The silver chalice from which the holy order takes its name is supposedly the very cup that the Seven Holy Saints drank from as mortals to attain their divinity. 

It has been learned that one of the demonic entities that was a frequent enemy of the Knights of the Silver Chalice is the demon prince Demogorgon. 

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Knights of the Silver Chalice

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