The World

Much of the known world has been mapped, though many of those maps are lost now. Full maps of the world are ancient and may be unreliable. Even for all that, in the rare instances where they are available to purchase, they go for thousands of gold.

The world as a whole is named Rilutaan, which is the bastardization of an elvish word for "cradle of life." 

The Western Marches
The Empire
Ashen Fields
The Shieldlands
The Rime
The Storm Reaches
Mishekk, the Horselands

Fantastic Locations:

There are a number of locations in the world that are truly fantastic in comparison to the rest of the places of the world. Below is a list of such places, for ease of reference. As a note, some of these places are not in the world, but reside in different planes of existence altogether.

The Underroads


The World

Rilutaan: The Western Marches Gourley