The world has gone through a long and tumultuous history. Much of it has been recorded by those that lived it. More of it has been lost to time,  conquest,  and disaster. Historians divide the history of Rilutaan into eras. They are: 

The First Era – Era of Creation. Much of this time is shrouded in myth and legends. The truth of events is difficult to parse. It lasts an undetermined amount of time, but ended tens of thousands of years ago. The gods created the world during this era,  and some structures that survive today are even thought to have been built during this time,  such as the Sunken Ziggurat.

The Second Era – Era of the Titans. A time for the supremacy of dragons and giants, who rule over the world and war with one another.  Lasts for At least 20,000 years, though records of this time are ill-kept and conflicting. Most of the races of the world are enslaved by one or the other. The dragonborn are created. Giants sunder the dracognosis, a magical artifact that ties draconic essence to the soul of the world,  rendering the dragons mortal. Slaves revolt against both the dragons and the giants.

The Third Era – Era of Elders. 10,000 years of exploration and expansion, mostly by dwarves and elves. Humans learn arcane magic. Orcs first appear. The Seven Holy Saints ascend to divinity. The Black Tide, the first massive orc horde, shatters dwarvish and elvish dominance over much of the settled world. Political infighting and other disasters further cause the dwarves' power to wane. The Autumn Wars decimate the elvish peoples and much of their remaining political power.

The Fourth Era – Era of Ascension. Founding and flourishing of the Empire, bringing with it a new dominance by humans. This lasts 500 years until an event simply known as Starfall cataclysmically destroys the imperial capitol and leaves the Empire in ruin in a single night. 

The Fifth Era. The current historical era began 250 years ago. It is yet to be named. It has seen struggles large and small the world over,  but despite disparate locations,  all have a similar theme: who holds the power in the wake of apocalypse?



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