Many of the people of the world are polytheistic. Many different races have a pantheon of gods and there is no real taboo against sending prayers to whichever deity most fits a given situation. The only real exception for this is in clerics and paladins, who often devote themselves to the service of one particular divine patron, though even then, they are typically free to send a prayer off to anyone their principal deity is affiliated with.

Note: Below follows a list of the most commonly found deities among non-monstrous humanoids. There are more, though they are not listed here for at least one of a few reasons. 1) the "god" in question is probably a demon lord/archdevil and/or 2) the creature in question probably doesn't care about non-monstrous worshippers.

The format for the gods' entries is as follows: Name, (domain[s] governed)

Dwarvish Gods
The dwarvish gods are collectively called the Oramthruun.

Abbathor, the Glittereye (Trickery)
Arnam, the Warmaster (War)
Berronar, the Stonematron (Nature)
Gurna, the Keeper of the Fallen (Community, Grave)
Moradin, the Forger of Souls (Forge, Protection)
Rorn, the Son of Thunder (Tempest)
Shulka, the Illuminator (Knowledge, Light)

Elvish Gods
The elvish gods are collectively called the Seldarine.

Azalar (Community, Life)
Correlon (Arcana, Light)
Queen Raven (Grave, Knowledge)
Sehanine (Trickery, War)
Shalash (Nature, Tempest)

Human Gods
Humans refer to their gods as The Seven and the One. Humans in the Western Marches tend to worship The Divine and the Seven Holy Saints. A select few worship The Steward, who is recognized by all humans in the region, though not typically venerated directly.

Other Gods
There are a select few gods who stand outside the racial pantheons and are worshipped by members of any race.

Faralaghn (Travel)


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